We welcome Anil to our team

Here is our newest employee Anil with skills in automation. We welcome Anil to our team.

Tell me a little bit about yourself:
My name is Anil Kumar Obulasetty and I’m from India where I achieved a Master in Power systems and have now 10 years of experience in both the Power System and Automation Field. I have been working as Relay Protection and Control engineer.

Tell me little about of your time in Sweden?
I have been few times here in Sweden during the last four years when I was working at ABB INOPC. However last year I moved here entirely and I have been working for another consultancy company.

What are you interested in and like to do?
I am interested in travelling and I like to see new places around the world and discovering the history. I also like meeting new people.

Where did you hear about ELE Engineering?
When I was working at ABB I met with Mauricio: one of the managers here at ELE and I heard that my skills in automation would match to what ELE was looking for so i took the opportunity and sent in my application.

What is innovative engineering for you?
I like to consider different methods when solving tasks to see if it is possible to achieve a better result.

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