Meet our trainee at ELE Engineering in Borlänge

ELE Engineering Borlänge - praktikant Mohamad

Hey Mohamad,  
How nice to have you here at ELE Engineering in Borlänge. You have been here since September. 

Tell me a little about yourself. 
Yes, My Name is Mohamad and I was born in Aleppo, Syria in 1977. I came to Sweden in 2014 when the war broke out.  Right now, I live in Falun with my wife and our two children. While my children are at school, I am having my internship at ELE Engineering.   

Interesting! – So, what is your professional background?  
Back in Syria, I got my bachelor’s degree in electric engineering in automation in 2002. I also worked in telecommunications at a company called MTN and I have more than ten years of experience in telecommunications, maintenance, and installation.  

Have you studied since you came to Sweden?  
Yes, first I learned some Swedish and went to SFI. Last year I studied Solar Energy Engineering at Dalarna Högskola. It was a one-year-long education. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about solar energy? 
It is really interesting how much you can do with solar energy. For example, solar energy can be changed to electrical energy or heat up the buildings or domestic water.  Also in hot climates, there are other uses for solar energy such as desalination, drying vegetables, cooking and cooling. Solar energy is also trending all over the world! 

What are your goals while you are here at ELE?  
AS a trainee here I try to talk to other employees to improve my Swedish and to learn better how the Swedish employment market works. I also want to learn more about the engineering branch in Sweden.  

What are you doing right now at ELE? 
Now I´m preparing some calculations and design in solar energy for a customer together with my teammates at ELE.  

What kind of dreams do you have? 
I would like to have a job in this sector, and I hope that this internship at ELE can give me directions. I am also willing to move anywhere in Sweden to get a job, so I am not just looking for a job here nearby. 

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